I was cleaning out my closet and I had this wedding dress that I had bought at a thrift store. I was going to use pieces off it for another project. It is a beautiful gown, I didn’t want to just throw it away. I decided to use it for Halloween, I didn’t want to be just a bride, that was to boring.

So I thought, what about a Homemade Headless Bride Costume. I thought I had an original idea, but come to find out it’s been done already. I made it anyway, and here it is.

I have the dress, now I needed a back pack, long sleeve shirt and I already had a plastic body form that I had bought on the Internet. And to make it look real, I bought a pair of life like hands from the local costume store.

Step 1 – I cut a hole in the dress at the waist line, I cut it in a T shape so my head would fit threw. I made sure it was large enough. I stay stitched it so it would not rip any larger. Then I did the same on each side of the dress for my hands.

Step 2 – I purchased a back pack at the local thrift store. I got lucky, they had a hikers back pack, the kind that extends up over your head. I used duct tape and taped the body form on to the upper half of the back pack, above my head and facing forward.

Step 3 – I used a foam tube, (The kind you use in the swimming pool) cut two pieces at arms length, then I cut two pieces of wire the same length, and hot glued the wire to the inside of the tubes. I used these for the arms, the wire made them bendable, I connected the arms to the back pack.

Step 4 – I put the long sleeve shirt on the body form that I had connected to the back pack, glued it down in spots to secure it. Then I put the dress on over the shirt, secured it also.
I put the dress on from underneath and put on the back pack, putting my head threw the hole I made at the waist line.

Step 5 – With help from a friend, we measured from the bottom of the dress to the floor. I took off the back pack ( which by now, holds the whole costume ). I found some fabric that matched and added to the length of the dress.

Step 6 – Put on the costume, added the hands to the arms, and bent the arms in place to hold my head, put make up on my face and fake blood on the front of the dress and had a great time.

Everyone loved the costume. It was a huge success. It had everyone’s attention. The only down fall to the costume was (a word from the wise, do not try to get in your car and drive, it does not work).

I hope this was helpful.