We saw a Homemade Head in Freezer Costume from a previous year and added our own touches to it. I think it came out great and people asked us if they could take pictures and every one on the street and at the houses said it was the best costume ever!

Instead of using one box like the one we saw on this site, we used two boxes and cut out a hole for the head in each. I think this made it stronger. We painted it with white latex house paint and did some silver on the inside of the freezer. The two boxes were taped together with duct tape.

We didn’t put a handle on it as most fridges now don’t have handles. We did add magnets and a picture from our own fridge.

We added a storage area to the freezer door and added some empty boxes there. That worked out better for us than the cereal boxes on top of the freezer as we had to transport this to the neighborhood where we go trick or treating. We taped the door open so it wouldn’t swing around while he walked.

We also added one of those battery-operated lights and that was a great addition. We didn’t have to carry a flashlight and I think it felt less claustrophobic.

We made blood out of light corn syrup, water and blue and red food coloring. That worked great! I bought Beyond the Zone Color Bomb (white) for his hair at Sally Beauty Supply. The usual Halloween make-up in white for his face with some gray around the eyes. I bought a blue lipstick but he decided against that!

We took a 1 1/2 inch foam cushion and cut it in half and cut out half circles to put around his neck, where the box would rest on his shoulders, for comfort.

This was all done in less than 5 hours on Halloween day! Next year we will plan a bit better so we don’t have a last-minute costume change. Thank you for the inspiration on this site!