The entire He Man Master of the Universe costume was made by hand.

I researched the character and drew out my design. The fur was the easy part; I cut out the pieces for the boots and the loin cloth and, with a little help from my mom, we sewed all the pieces together. The armor was a challenge; I had the hardest time figuring out what material to use. I tried several things and they were either too hard and uncomfortable or too soft and not armor-looking enough. So I settled on using, of all things, a yoga mat for my armor belt and chest piece.

I drew out my patterns and used a razor pen to cut out the pieces from the yoga mat. Once the pieces were cut out, I glued on trim and accents and then everything was painted to simulate the character’s outfit. I then used a few old leather belts to attach all the pieces to my body. The cape was a last minute addition; I felt a little exposed and wanted a little something to keep me warm.