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Coolest Homemade He Man and She Ra Couple Costume 9

by Alana
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Homemade He Man and She Ra Couple Costume

Homemade He Man and She Ra Couple Costume

My boyfriend and I love Halloween but I refuse to ever buy a costume from a store. We both love 80's TV, and we both happened to love He-Man and She-Ra as kids, so we figured why not do a couples costume and live out our childhood dreams!
Here is how we made the Homemade He-Man and She-Ra Couple Costume:

For She-Ra, I bought gold leather-like fabric and used it to create the pattern and belt on her dress, the "wings" that come off the top of the dress, the arm cuffs, the head-piece and the part of the cape that attaches around the neck. I sewed all the pieces; everything was just one layer of fabric except for the head-piece. The head-piece was stuffed with a polyester fabric. I made a band around the head and attached Velcro at the back; I individually sewed each wing onto the side of the head-piece. I used a stencil to make the pattern on the dress and the belt and just cut it out and sewed it onto the dress. For the neck-piece of the cape, I sewed the gold fabric like a collar and used Velcro to take it on and off. I bought red fabric for the cape and attached it to the gold collar. I bought 2 blue and 1 red costume jewels from a bead store (they had holes in them for sewing on) and attached them to the head-piece, the middle of the dress and even glued one onto the sword as She-Ra has a blue stone on her sword. I bought the white dress, the wig, the sword and the boots. The sewing took a lot of work but it was all worth it. I got so many compliments on this costume, and I got to be my childhood hero!

For He-Man, we bought fur fabric and sewed it to make the shorts and boot covers. We bought thick and sturdy grey and red fabric and cut and sewed it to make the chest piece. We also bought orange leather-like fabric and sewed it to make the arm cuffs and belt. We bought the wig and sword and voila! He-Man! Again my boyfriend got so many compliments on the costume as well; people just loved it!

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by: Chris

wow thanks very much for this post. My wife and I are going to be He-Man and She-Ra for her 30th birthday and don't want to spend £20+ to hire each costume.
You guys look fabulous, and the costumes really authentic !

by: Anonymous

I need a He-man costume for a 6 YO boy and I can't sew

by: Molly

Thanks for posting this! I am planning on being She Ra for this coming Halloween and I wanted it to look authentic and hold up. I was worried about how I would make it, but your tips really helped me get a better Idea:) I just need to find someone to be He Man with me!

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