My friend and I decided to be pirates for Halloween, figuring we could re-purpose a lot of our costume elements for renaissance outfits as well.

My Homemade Halloween Pirate Costume is entirely made of up thrifted, dollar store, handmade or already owned items except for the corset (which I purchased on eBay figuring I could get Renaissance reusability out of it too) and my Halloween store sword I upgraded from my dollar store one as I couldn’t resist it.

Ok, so here’s the rundown! From head to toe, the mini tricorn hat I hand knitted from a pattern I modified, felted and added a broach I made. I also added a larger ostrich feather I found at the thrift store.

Next my dreads – which I love! In fact, I wore them for quite awhile as I couldn’t bear to part with them. The blond/reddish ones are strips of yarn very similar to Colinette Point 5, only an off-brand I found way cheaper at a discount store, score! Strips of yarn are cut twice as long as the intended length then folded over and are essentially braided into sections of my hair. I just put a few in randomly but you can do your whole head as well. There are some nice tutorials out on the ‘net. The larger red/burgundy dread is made from wool roving felted together.

The other accessories include a Victorian locket and skeleton key necklace I put together (thrifted/1$ store) and the belt and pouch were also thrift finds. The pouch was originally a purse that had a strap through a loop on the back. I cut off the strap and it worked perfectly to slide onto the belt. I filled it with toy dubloons. The tights and boots I owned.

Now for the pieces I sewed. My first actual garments I’ve made! I’m particularly happy with the chemise shirt. The chemise I made from on sale muslin so it cost about $2.50. I used a simple raglan sleeve online pattern somewhat improvising.

The long underskirt I made from a thrifted bed sheet. It’s a 3-gore skirt. I seriously wanted to avoid hemming all 108″ of the base so I cut out the pieces using the existing hem for the bottom. To accommodate for the bias stretch of the sides I cut in deeper angles at the draw string top. I should’ve done more as it’s still a little pointy at the bottom seams but when tucked up it’s hardly noticeable. The black handkerchief skirt I made following a basic online pattern as well. The red and white strip fabric I bought and ended up just tying as is for a sash.

Here’s a little detail shot of the top gather and shoulder seam of the chemise. I love the raglan sleeves! Boxes and straight seems I can handle sewing. I made a type of “Bishops cord” twisting together some undyed cotton yarn I had for the draw string.

Total cost = $65

Pirate Costume

Pirate Costume

Pirate Costume