I started off this Gumby Halloween costume with tracing my entire body on a large piece of paper I got from the newspaper printers. I got the outline and then drew the shape of Gumby over the pattern of my body outline. Cut the fabric pieces out from the new pattern and made the eyes out of fleece and the mouth from a screen mesh so I can see through it. Had some trial and error to make the head since the top of Gumby’s head is a couple feet over mine I needed it to keep its Gumby shape and not fall over my head.

So I cut 2 pieces of foam and glued them together then sculpted out the head shape and cut out my head shape in lower and cut out shoulder supports so it sits on my shoulders. Sewed the foam in to the costume and worked like a charm. Also the legs I wanted to be squares at the bottom by my feet so I cut the size I wanted and cut a hole in the middle for my feet. So I just slip my feet into the foam pieces and pull the fabric over the foam and Walla!

I took it to comic con in Calgary (see video) It took me an hour and a half to make it from my car, around the building, through the building to the costume contest site because I was stopped every foot for a picture or autograph! Ahh the life of a Gumby!