Materials you will need for this Homemade Gumball Machine Costume:

Hoola hoop, red fabric, thick vinyl ( found in the fabric dept at Wal-mart), red long sleeve shirt, water hose, 250 playground pit balls, two silver gift bags, construction paper, hot glue, fishing line, and ribbon.

You start by cutting fabric to fit child, it needs to come to belly button down to floor. Hot glue fabric around a hoola hoop. This will make the costume keep a round shape at the bottom. Then you stitch the back of fabric up all the way to top. Then you stick the top of the fabric skirt to the bottom of the long sleeve shirt. Making a one piece outfit.

Then you start on the second piece of the outfit, the machine part. You cut vinyl to fit loosely around child and sew around the piece of garden hose then stitch up the back. Make sure and cut holes for the Arms! Then you cut slits all the way around the neck and weave ribbon all the way around. Then Fill will balls! As many as you can! Then tie up tightly around the neck. The Coin part was made out of 2 silver gift backs and the handle was a deodorant lid! Then I cut 25cents out of construction paper.

The hat was cardboard wrapped with fabric. I spray painted a small ball for the top. This costume was a hit!!It received 2nd place at a county wide costume contest.