2009 was an awesome year because our son agreed to be part of the group and so we created homemade goth family costumes. We were all City Goth and our daughter was a Vampire Goth!

I looked up all kinds of goth images on the web to get a feel for what to look for. Black, gray, stripes, silver, belts, metal, nose rings, bright colors, boots, wild makeup, dark, heavy, bold, metal, etc. Then off to the Thrift store to find the pieces and parts that would work.

The thrift store is your best friend at Halloween. It doesn’t matter if its the men’s or women’s section, look for the style, texture colors feel of what you’re looking for. I found my black pants, tight gray knit sweater (may have been in the women’s section), black net jersey top which I cut up to give different layers, several belts with silver holes buckles and any silver chains that looked chunky.

I cut belts up for bracelets, and boot toppers for all of us. My wife’s outfit was a mid length black layered stretchy skirt, a blouse that was kind of a metal looking button-up that we cut out just the bust to bottom piece and glued and pinned it to a black long-sleeve net top. Was tricky but looked fine with all the dark colors, found a chunky plastic chain purse, and good ole black buckle boots. We always add other accessories that you may find at a store.

The wigs were bought and a couple necklaces or bracelets, her red tights and a scull ring for me and a few fake lip or nose rings (that have little sliders on them for adjustment, they look real).

Make up is a free for all. I did a practice run on mine a few days before. I picked up a couple of the red color hair clippin’ pieces and just left them long. I think it just finished the unique look and matched my wife’s cool red & black hair.

My sons was simple. Black pants, black thermal tight shirt with cool logo, sun glasses, chain gloves with buckles and or chains, Black Halloween hairspray color (he’s blond) good ole black eyeshadow for cheeks and eyes, black lip stick (everywhere at Halloween) and black eyeliner or grease pencil to outline eyes and eyebrows and lips, black nails are great. As we sprayed the hair its kinda sticky so we just lifted it up as we went and it stayed all night.

My daughter has been so many things just by us finding one piece of the outfit and there we go! Wine colored strapless satin dress with black velvet applicay on it. It screamed Vampire and was just her size. We found this in March 2009.

It’s never to early to look for pieces all year, so you don’t rush at the end to find things. Make up, fun and crazy, a big black rose hair clip, for her tousled teased hair, also added a black glitter tiara (take a silver tiara paint it black and on the second coat pour black sparkle glitter on it to stick and give some dark shine). Black boots, dark gloves, sunglasses, grandma’s old purple jewelry, a couple cool rings and voila!!! Cool Goth Vampire girl.

We had a blast in our homemade goth family costumes and sent these pix out to 200 people along with our nice Christmas family portrait. Enjoy!