This is my story: I was invited to a costume party, with a cartoon based scheme. They invited me on Thursday, and the party was on Saturday night. So, Friday and I was searching pics on the net till I found the Speed Racer pictures. I must go in a Homemade Go Mifune Speed Racer Costume.

– 1 polo t-shirt (with white neck & sleeves): This goes first.
– 1 blue t-shirt: This goes on-top the polo (borrowed from my bro).
– 1 yellow dish washer cloth, to make the letter “G”: Buyed.
– 1 white Helmet/Cap/etc (borrowed from my dad).
– 1 red Ribbon (for the “M”) & 1 scotch (to glue the “M” to the helmet): Buyed.
– 1 plastic folder (the ones to stored sheets from the school): This is to make the “glass lenses” for the helmet.
– 1 pair of gloves (white/light brown, but i used red ones).
– 1 red scarf (borrowed from my mom).
– 1 white jean (borrowed from my bro).
– 1 pair of brown moccasin/loafer.
– 1 pair of red stockings/socks.

I spent just a few hours to get all done, and is really cheap and easy to make this costume. Go for it!.

Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina!.