My daughter has started school and is loving learning about animals. Her favorite is the jellyfish so I thought why not let me try to make Glowing Jellyfish costumes for her and her cousins.

Things needed:
Sombrero or hat
Tack board
bubble tape
shredded Mylar (gift bag filler – iridescent)
battery powered LED lights (white or multi)
mesh laundry bag (color of choice)
ribbon (color of choice)
long loofah
glow sticks (color of choice)
hot glue sticks

1. Hot-glue sombrero to tack board
2. Cut out head to fit on child’s head
3. Hot-glue bubble wrap around edges with enough to fold over top.
4. Insert and feed the lights through the inside of hat so that lights are on top of hat on outside and battery pack is inside hat.
5. Tape down the lights all around the hat.
6. Fill up the top of the hat with shredded mylar to make the dome top of the jellyfish.
7. Fold the bubble wrap over and hot glue to complete dome.
8. Put mesh laundry bag over the dome.
9. Decorate the loofahs and hot-glue ribbon to the inside of loofah.
10. Hot-glue loofah to the outside of the mesh bag and edge of dome.
11. Poke holes underneath for connectors of glow sticks.
12. Put hot glue in the holes and insert the connectors only.
13. Before you go out to trick-or-treat or party, crack the glow sticks to start the light.
14. Put hot glue inside the connectors and insert the glow sticks.
15. Place the costume on child’s head while rest of his body is inside a mesh bag.
16. Cut holes for arms and tighten string around child’s chest.
17. Ensure child is dressed in black and get ready to turn everyone’s head as they admire the costume.

The kids were the talk of the neighborhood and were stopped all night long to have their pictures taken. Next year will be hard to top this.