It is now a few years after Katrina and things are getting back to normal out here. Halloween was approaching and our friends were having a Halloween costume party for couples, for which everyone had to dress up.

Being a young college student, eager to save money but still wanting a fashionable costume, I thought, this year, it would be fun to make our own costumes. I figured, if someone else can do it, we could too. These Gizmo and Spike costumes were the first we have ever made.

After surprising neighborhood kids and adults at the party, we enjoyed the time we spent on Frenchmen Street in New Orleans, where many locals get together and parade around in their costumes. We enjoyed the time we spent together making them, helping each other and giving suggestions to each other on how to go about doing it. The compliments we received when we went out were awesome.

No patterns were used for either costume; the fur, needle and thread, hot glue, foam, paint and clay are still all over my living room floor.

Melissa made both suits and the 3D Gizmo head. The eyes had a realistic touch, after molding on and painting the clay eyelids. The nose was a large clown nose that I cut, shaped, folded and hot-glued together to resemble Gizmo’s. The belly and rear end of Gizmo’s suit was stuffed with handsewn newspaper, old grocery bags and old phonebook paper.

A friend made Spike’s head, the mohawk on the back of his suit and the diamond symbols on the front. The head featured a clay tongue that stuck out from the mouth and was squishy to touch. The teeth were also made of clay. Spike had some assistance from Melissa for some minor touches here and there.

We used our own shoes, adding foam, fur, hot-glue and newspaper to create the monster feet. We stuffed newpaper in the fingertips of the gloves and wrapped them around the shoes to give the effect of fingers. We used a pair of gloves and fabric paint to make the hands as well.

Hope you enjoy them as much as we did. The 80’s are alive again!

Gremlins Costume

Gremlins Costume