This homemade girls Medusa costume with victim turned to stone is my daughter’s Halloween costume.  This was actually a fairly simple costume (no sew) to put together. 

The materials were:

  • Costume: 3-4 yards of snake skin print fabric, plastic snakes (ordered in bulk from Amazon), hot glue, safety pins,
  • “Victim” Candy Bucket: standard plastic Halloween candy bucket, scary face mask, faux stone spray paint,
  • Make-up & Hair: fishnet stockings, black crème face paint, blue/green powder (eye shadow), plastic snakes (ordered in bulk from Amazon), bobby pins, and paint for plastic snakes (optional).

The costume was easy. I just draped, pinned, and hot glued the outfit together to form a “toga” style dress.  I also applied some snakes to her costume with hot glue.  There are lots of “how to guides” on YouTube. 

For her bucket I thought it would be cool if the bucket she had resembled someone who she had turned to stone.  I just purchased a mask that had a cloth hood and the cut out the top and put it over the bucket securing with hot glue and then spray painted with several coats of faux stone spray paint (it turned out great and definitely added a custom touch). 

The makeup and hair was the most fun!  To get the snake skin make up effect:

1) paint the entire face with black cream paint

2) place fishnet stockings tight over the face and then using a powder brush liberally tap  eye shadow (in color of your choosing, I did shades of green and turquoise) over the face and fishnets. 

3) Carefully pull the fishnet stockings off (where they cover the black lines will show through. (There are YouTube videos on this technique as well).  For the hair I purchased cheap toy plastic snakes for the internet and attached them to bobby pins (I also painted the snakes for a more cohesive color scheme, but this is optional).  Then I put up her hair in a very messy bun and applied the snakes with the video all over her hair (in lots of directions).

This outfit was a HUGE HIT!   The actual victim turned to stone for the Halloween candy basket was one of the items people loved the most.   It was surprisingly simple to put together and you can get as crazy or simple with the make-up as you are comfortable with.  I am not a make-up person at all and I found the technique really simple after 1-2 practice sessions.