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Coolest Homemade Girl Ninja Turtles Costume 11

by Lov3Bug

Homemade Girl Ninja Turtles Costume

Homemade Girl Ninja Turtles Costume

This was our Halloween costume for 2009 for a 'Heroes and Villains' theme event. We wanted to make our own homemade girl ninja turtle costume because we knew there would be tons of people that would have the same costume (because it was such a huge event). Here's how we made it-

For the main costume piece:

- We started off getting the ninja turtle costumes for kids at Wal-Mart which included the shell (doesn't matter if it's all Leonardo or which ever character)

- Then we cut off the pants and pulled the sleeves back and tied it, making it into a tube top.

- We bought matching green skirts and tucked the top in (found at American Apparel).

- For the belt we bought brown fabric and the letter of each character. We took white paper and cut out circles and then stuck the letters in the center. We then just glued it onto the fabric and tied it around our waist.

For the shell:

- The shell that came with the costume was the fabric one and looked too flat so we cut a slit at the top on the inside and stuffed it with cotton to make it look more round.

- We then got fabric colors (orange, blue, purple, and red) and cut out strips and safety pinned them on the inside of the shells (when you wear the shell, it covers the back of your shirt that you tied around your back).

For the mask:

- We used face paint and just followed the shape of our eyebrows and painted it close to the hairline so it would look like a mask. Then apply eye makeup like you normally would.

Finally for the shoes, we all went with what was most comfortable. Some wore flip flops and some wore heels. Hope this helped you with your costume. Good luck!

Homemade Ninja Turtles Costume

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by: Anonymous


Very cute!
by: Anonymous

These are SUPER CUTE! I love TMNT. Im going to try and make a costume similar for this halloween :)

Great Idea
by: Leonardo ;)

Awesome ! My closest friends and i have been searching endlessly for the perfect homemade, 4 person costume idea, we finally found it ! GO TMNT !
Thank you so much :)

that is so cool
by: magoogoo

i need that costume i con not find on th would fit

love it.
by: Adri

haha..we bought the same ones and were looking for ways to modify them..i love the tube top did you guys get it to stay up!? mine keeps falling :(

by: Anonymous

They got them to stay up by tying the arms in-behind.

by: Anonymous

how did you put the top on did you stretch the neck out to make it a tube top? or did you cut the top to make a larger hole to fit through? and if you go on target's website is it the same one as the 19.99 one

by: Anonymous

Hey im doin this but i tied the arms behind my neck like a looks really cute...i had to alter it a tad to make it look natural but it looks great...and i have to wear this to work so I wanted to look less naked/more work appropriate...great idea tho! Thanks it helped me ALOT!

by: Anonymous

do u still have the shells?

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