I got this idea for a Homemade Ghostbuster Kidnapped by Ghost Costume from this great website but put my own twist on it. Graham, 6, wanted to be something scary. Mom and Dad are not fond of scary 6 year old’s so here was our idea. We saw an alien kidnapping a little guy on this site, since Graham had just seen the Ghostbuster movie we decided to come up with this.

I went to Salvation Army and bought a camp shirt (was looking for a boy scout shirt or something similar) in khaki. I took some of Graham’s old pants and stuffed them with plastic grocery bags. I bought some white curtains from Salvation army and to Cover Grahams real legs we used some white baseball pants. The patches were both purchased off eBay. You will also need a soft padded hanger. Whoops we had white gloves purchased for 1.50 from Walmart.

We first cut the curtains to make a long skirt to cover his baseball pants. Next we put on an old backpack and added a telescoping unipod for my camera. I took some plastic grocery bags and stuffed them until they were the size of a head and tied them to the top of the unipod which I had already attached the soft padded white hanger with heavy string. Worked great, kids punched and it held tight. We then put the fabric over it and I sewed the sides so they did not fly open and reveal Grahams body. We also added some white gloves that I put on some sew on snaps so they would not have to slipped over his head. This sounds like a lot of work but only took a couple hours and I don’t have a sewing machine.

We attached socks to the fake legs and then wrapped the fake legs around graham with a belt. The baseball pants had belt hoops (very important) and so did the too small khaki pants. After attaching the pants we slipped on the skirt and finally the backpack.

We had a little guy walk up to us and ask us who was carrying Graham. We had to show him because he was a bit freaked. Adults were just laughing at the cleverness! It was fun! Graham was able to wear this comfortably because of the lightweight materials we used bags for stuffing. We also were able to slip on and off the backpack easily so he could ride in the car. He could sit down with this but not lean back and get comfy.

This is a great site! We had so much fun creating costumes!

Total Cost: $15.00