I have always loved Frida Kahlo’s paintings and Dia de Los Muertos, so I thought I would mix the two to make a unique Homemade Frida Kahlo Costume.

1)THE ‘DO: I braided my hair into pig tails and then pinned them to the top of my head and arranged bright flowers I bought from the Dollar Store (the best store EVER)with bobby pins.

2)THE MUG: I painted half my face with regular makeup and the rest with an inexpensive vampire kit. I found a picture of a skeleton online and let my inner Frida come out. I did a practice run a few days before for trial and error. I used some inexpensive makeup brushes to blend the skeleton makeup (I used the brushes from a the free gift set I got from Lancome, don’t worry it washes out with soap and water so you won’t ruin your brushes). I used an eyeliner pencil to draw the outlines ($.99 Wet n’ Wild black eyeliner from any drugstore).

You could leave your face with regular makeup, but don’t forget the famous unibrow and fuzzy upper lip!

3)THE THREADS: All the clothes I already owned. The peasant shirt was purchased at a garage sale years ago, and the skirt was a gift from my aunt in Mexico. You could easily find a variation of this stuff at a thrift store.

4)DETAILS, DETAILS: My favorite Frida painting is called “Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird”, so that was my inspiration. The “thorn” necklace is actually fake barbed wire that I found at the Dollar Store (see, I told you it was the BEST!). It’s super easy to find this stuff at party supply stores or online. I used some fake blood for my neck (came with the vampire kit).I bought the hummingbird from Michael’s. It is supposed to be a decoration for flower arrangements, but I used it for my own evil purposes. All the jewelry is mine, all you need is LOTS of rings and silver bracelets and big earrings (you could even do hoops if you cant find anything else). Again, all this stuff you can get at a thrift store.

The main thing is to be creative! Go online and check out other paintings and pictures of her for more inspiration! My boyfriend and I got tons of compliments all night on our costumes (check him out under Pancho Villa). This Homemade Frida Kahlo Costume was very inexpensive and fun to put together. Here’s the breakdown:

“Barbed Wire”: $1
Vampire makeup Kit: $5
Clothes: Free
Jewelry: Free