This is my daughter wearing the Coolest Florida Flip Flop Costume. We live in Florida so when she asked to be a flip flop for Halloween it was no surprise. This Homemade Florida Flip Flop Halloween Costume Idea was quite an easy costume to make and my 8 year old daughter helped make it.

Supplies: 2 sheets of 1″ foam, 1 yard of striped colorful quilters cotton, 2 yards of patterned quilters cotton, 4 sheets of craft foam in 4 different colors, 2 bags of pink crayola model magic for gum, 1 sheet of printers paper for gum wrapper, hot glue gun, black sharpie marker, sunglasses, visor and actual flip flops.

Firstly I cut the 1″ foam in the shape of a very large flip flop using a real flip flop as a guide and then cut one more piece in the exact same shape and size using the first one as a pattern. Then I cut strips of foam 6″ wide and as long as the sheet to use as the sides of the flip flop. Then I used the flip flop shaped foam as a pattern and I cut two pieces of the patterned fabric but with 1″ extra boarder so that I could fold over and glue to edge. I then cut 8″ strips of the striped fabric. I then assembled the pieces and started glueing it all together, making sure I left a hole at the top for the head, two holes on the sides for arms and a large enough hole at the bottom for my daughter to slide in and so it was easy for her to walk.

Then my daughter made the flower for the center of the flip flop strap on her own and I glued it together for her. I then cut pieces of craft foam to make the flip flop straps and I used a real flip flop as a guide when cutting and gluing it on. I used a large sharpie marker to make the shoe treads on the back of the flip flop and I scanned in a gum wrapper into my computer, enlarged it and printed it on regular printer paper. We then used the pink crayola model magic and squished it together so that it looked like a big blob of stepped on gum, we let it dry over night and then glued it onto the back of the flip flop along with the huge gum wrapper.

My daughter wore her own flip flops, sun visor and sunglasses to complete the look of the Coolest Florida Flip Flop Costume ever!