When we were contemplating who to be for Halloween this year, my boyfriend and I were searching for something fun and easily homemade. I thought… how much easier can you get than homemade Flintstones couple Halloween costumes? I happen to know how to sew, so we ventured to the fabric store on a 50% off day and grabbed some white, orange and black fur, a blue remnant for the tie, and styrofoam balls and a white remnant for the jewelry.

I started with my costume because I knew I’d be the pickier one…I cut out a shape for the top, then just figured out how it looked best on my body….thus the twisted shoulder. Then I sewed the skirt…I just guessed on the shape then took it in where it was too big. I also added darts in the back to make it fit my waist better. Once both the top and skirt fit properly, I sewed them together and cut triangles at the bottom…and voila…Wilma!

For the jewelry, I sewed a tube of white fabric and stuffed the styrofoam balls inside. I separated each ball with small clear rubber bands then velcroed the ends. For my hair, I actually found a long, red mermaid wig that I wore upside-down and twisted up around my face and secured with bobby pins.

For Fred, I simply pinned two pieces of fabric together to fit my boyfriend’s body shape and sewed across the shoulders and up the sides to his underarm. I cut the triangles at the bottom and around the armholes then hot-glued triangles of black fur all over the costume. For the tie, I just pinned two pieces of blue fabric together and sewed a very rough, big tie outline. I cut it out and left the edges ragged so it looked ‘old.’ The tie does not have to be very long, as we just tied it right at his neck. For his hair, we just sprayed it with black hair spray and did his eyebrows, too.

We were quite a hit at the party and won Most Original and Best Overall! :)