My now fiance and I always carve pumpkins for Halloween. So the weekend before Halloween we went and bought our pumpkins. He always carves the tops off and apparently when I wasn’t looking he slipped my ring into my pumpkin. When I lifted the lid I found the ring and he proposed! This brings me to my homemade Fisherman and his Catch couple Halloween costume idea! We wanted a couples costume so I decided to be a goldfish and he could be the fisherman that “caught” me.

We put a fake, toy ring to the end of the fishing pole so that we could say, “I took the bate.” (We are making save the date cards now with this picture that say, “Last October she took the bate, now we’re asking you to save the date.”

I made the skirt with some fabric and my grandma’s sewing machine. I then went out and bought over 100 gold and orange cupcake liners and cut them in half. I hot-glued each one to my skirt. For the tail at the bottom, I made a fin with cardboard and glued orange fabric to it. Then I used puff paint for the scales on that and the scales on my sweatshirt. I took a styrofoam ball and cut it in half and drew black eyes for the eyes on the hood. The back of the skirt is made up of orange tulle that I hot-glued all across.

The under shirt is some scaly looking fabric I found. I painted up my face using an idea I saw online. My fiance wore his fishing waders and I was able to find a dorky fish shirt at a consignment store. All night long we were able to announce our engagement telling people, “I took the bait.”