My son has been giving me a real hard time the last few months (terrible two’s) so I decided he needed to dress up as someone determined to destroy his mother, who else but Stewie Griffin!

Every year I do my best to make our costumes with stuff from the second hand store. For this Homemade Family Guy Stewie and Lois Griffin Costumes, I got the yellow turtleneck, red overalls, a flesh colored bed sheet, and the shoes there. Not shown in this picture is a Rupert the teddy bear that was a freebie we got in the mail from some baby food company when my son was born, and a phaser gun which is just a small toy squirt gun from the dollar store.

The overalls had a square patch in the front that left a darker spot on the fabric when I removed it, so I decided to make the name tag to cover it up. I printed that up on the computer, glued it on some cardboard, wrapped it in clear sticky paper, and then glued a pin on the back.

I originally had planned to make a 3-D head, I had glued it all together out of pieces of foam, but for some reason, I just couldn’t manage to get the material sewn on/around it properly. Also every time I tried to put it on my son’s head to test out the fit, he would freak and not want to put it on. After my 2nd 3-D attempt failed, I took my son’s cue and tried to come up with something easier to make, and something he would agree to wearing.

What I finally ended up doing was drawing the shape of Stewie’s head on to a piece of cardboard and then trace that onto my material. I cut it out, sewed up part of it, slipped the cardboard inside for support and then stuffed it with some batting. I then pinned the head/face onto my son’s balaclava style winter hat which I ended up covering with some of the left over flesh colored material.

All items for my Lois costume (except the wig) are also from the second hand store. I also made a Brian dog that is humping my leg. The dog was my son’s. It’s a stuffed animal that came with a bunch of Velcro parts that you could change around to give it it’s own look. I took all the parts off and I was just left with a bare dog body.

The eyes are made with Styrofoam balls and glue gunned on. The tag was one of my cats old rabies tags which I flipped around. I had some clear labels, so I printed one off with “Brian” on it, stick it on and trimmed off the extra. The nose is glue gunned on felt, and the ears are just foam board.