I wanted to make a unique costume that people would recognize, but would stand out from the crowd. I love Alfred Hitchcock so I went with the Exorcist this year. I’m a blonde so no one knew it was me.

I took a cheap polyester night gown and dumped chunky split pea soup down the front, as well as some blood. I got a wig cut/ironed it. I got dead purple and black makeup around my eyes and then applied a prosthetic forehead with spirit gum for a more demented look. Then I added liquid latex to give my face some texture. I mixed green and white makeup to a split pea color. Add coagulated blood for effect.

I attached wounds to my arms and applied makeup. Add some white ties to your arms to seem like you were strapped down. I carried around a bucket with split pea soup and dipped my finger in it while licking it… to gross people out!

A little about me… Halloween is my favorite Holiday. My house is the favorite on in our housing community. I’m a beauty school drop out that loves makeup. I’m self taught on the effects side and love to shop for my Halloween outfits at the Goodwill.

I have yet to lose a Costume Contest.

My son is one of my victims… he is 17 and still likes to dress up. He doesn’t like doing it for the candy anymore, but if he gets a slammed door in his face he takes it as a compliment. I’ve been told that I missed my calling. One day my dream will come true to be a special effects makeup artist for thrillers.

Have Fun!!


Cheap Polyester Night Gown (sears)
Split Pea soup (local grocery store)
Woochie Makeup (Party City)
Woochie Spirit Gum (Party City)
Coagulated blood (Party City)
Prosthetic forehead (vampire one works)
Arm Straps- (old t-shirt)

Exorcist Costume