Since we have a costume contest at work every year I wanted to do something unique that would bring home a win. What else could do that but the Energizer Bunny?! I marched the halls banging my drum and spinning the circles, just like the bunny…and I WON!!

Here’s how I made this Homemade Energizer Bunny Costume:

I purchased the pink flannel footed pajamas and the bunny ears hat from a pajama website online. Even though the bunny ears were floppy, I went with it, knowing I would make my own modifications.

For the ears hat, I used a coat hanger and cut in between the two materials making up the ears and bent the shoulder parts of the hanger up so that it would fit into the slits of the ears. (The hanger should be upside-down at this point with the rack hanger loop untwisted and ready to be fitted to the sides of the hat). I cut cardboard in the shape of the ears and hot-glued white felt to the cardboard. I then hot-glued the cardboard to the ears on the hat. After this had time to dry and set, I stitched the portion of the hangers that was unraveled to the sides of the hat for stability.

A friend just happened to have a child-size set of drums and I borrowed the bass drum. I printed the Energizer logo out and taped it to the drum. I purchased 2 yards of light blue fabric. I cut 2 – 8″ strips length-wise from the 2 yards and tied it to the drum. I made two large loops for my arms but also a loop in the middle of my back to tie the two large loops together. So it made an ‘H’ on my back. My daughter had play microphones that I used for the drum sticks.

I also printed out a picture of a battery and taped it to the side of my hip. I purchased some pink cream make-up from a local fun store and painted my face and exposed neck with the pink make-up. I used black eyeliner to make the nose and whisker dots and wore my very own black sunglasses. Lastly, I rounded out the costume with a pair of blue flip-flops.

And there, my friends, you have the Coolest Homemade Energizer Bunny!!