I started out wanting to be Edward Scissor Hands for Halloween.  As I looked at the varoius store bought costumes, I was really disappointed. Especially with the actual gloves.  I knew I could make this myself.  The gloves/blades were the hardest item to find because most of the ones that I found, were made of flimsy foam.

I ordered some off of ebay & when I got them, they looked like a 5 year old childs art project. The foam blades were hot glued onto the glove. You could see the dried glue on the straps that held to blades onto the gloves.  To top it off, the gloves didnt even match. One was a small & one was a large!  I was able to return those.

I eventually found a pretty decent pair on EBAY. I had to remove the blades (plastic) from the gloves and duct tape them on to a pair of my own winter gloves. I then went on You Tube to check out the make up tutorials. It took about 2 hours to do the make up.  THe toughest part when doing the make up was concealing my eyebrows!  I have dark eyebrows.  I used glue stick, concealer, and layers upon layers of powder.  The scars on my face were pretty easy to make.  I used liquid latex.  I also used a green tinted concealer to do the make up.  A lot of people use the clown white for his face. I personally did not thinkg that it looked good.  So I used green.

The rest of the costume I pieced together. I bought some goth boots. They are 5 inch platforms. I am 5’7″ already, so they made me pretty darn tall. I also bought a black tutu from Hot Topic. That was a pretty cool touch. Rather than go with the usual clothing that Edward wore, I wanted to make it my own.

I went downtown Denver for a concert on Halloween weekend.  My costume was quite a head turner!  I had sooooo many people stopping me & wanting to take pictures with me.  I had so much fun with that costume!  I was told by so many people that it was the best costume they had seen all night!