Our R2D2 was such a hit the previous year that my husband decided to make a full size, to scale Wall-E from the movie. He drew out the plans and made everything to scale. He cut each piece of wood individually and layered it to make all of the 3D elements, the tracks for the arms, etc. It’s all made out of wood.

The head was made from two tubes that were originally from a copy machine. He cut the circular pieces from wood and wrapped them with another piece of pliable wood. There are lights inside of the eyes that are activated with a switch in the head.

The head is fully removable and the top comes off to allow my son to climb in and out. There is a seat inside and a steering wheel and gas pedal. The mechanical workings came from a Power Wheels for outside.

The tracks were handmade. Each of the wood slats were cut separately and attached on the inside with a plastic strip, then everything was painted black and aged with paint.

It was hand painted to match the original Wall-E and has tons of fun extras, including a front flap that opens up like in the movie. The arms move via bicycle handles on the inside – they slide forward, and also pivot up and down. The hands are moveable and posable. We made a paper mache boot with the tiny plant growing in it for his candy and attached it the the inside flap, so that he could lower the flap with the boot on it to get his candy! There was even a cockroach on the top to mimic Wall-E’s friend.

We had a great time making it and my son had a great time driving it for Halloween. We have a few production pictures, but unfortunately lost many of them when my husband’s phone tanked. We have videos and pictures of the finished project and would be happy to provide additional pictures of the additional elements up close!

My daughter was going to be EVE, but it didn’t work out so well. She ended up being a cute little owl, which we submitted previously. Thanks so much!

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