Beginning materials: PVC pipe, Dense foam, Fabric stuffing, ping pong balls, blue led lights, wood, Air brush paint and various fabrics.

Tools needed: Hot glue, Sewing machine, Razor blade, saw and airbrush.

This Dragon Halloween Costume Idea was completely homemade and took about four days to complete. The beginning was to take the foam and carve the dragon head out of it. After cutting the foam into the head it looked awesome!

We then took the black pants and shirt and sewed the stomach on with red fabric and fabric stuffing to make him looked “ripped”. The wings were the most difficult part of the entire costume. First we took PVC pipe and aligned the pieces with connectors into the general “skeleton” shape of the wings. Next we padded the wings with a foam cover then sewed the fabric wing on over the pipes. The tail was a last minute decision so we just took PVC pipe and padding and formed the tail’s shape. We then sewed the fabric around the tail and made a foam spearhead shape for the tip of the tail.

The head was then painted red with black and gold areas such as the horns. Blue LED lights were placed in white ping pong balls for eyes. Lastly was the claws and back rack. The claws were all stuffing with fabric covers and elastic bands underneath to control the claws with your fingers. The back rack is a piece of wood that had a belt around the bottom and a elastic strap on either side to put your arms through. The wings and tail were then screwed in at the correct spots. The showing wood was just covered by more fabric. Then the costume is complete.

We showed this costume to friends and family and it got a lot of good comments on Facebook and during Halloween everyone in the neighborhood was talking about it. We were really proud of it.