Palmcon 2011 was the first con I ever went to, after going I was inspired to make a costume for 2012.

I worked all year on a Dr. Doom costume and barely finish it in time for the convention. It’s made out of anything and everything and has a lot of trial and error, some parts are cut up Rubbermaid tubs and butter bowels, rivets are all brass paper binders. I was on a budget and working out of my bathroom.

The more molded looking parts I layed fiberglass over carved plaster cloth casts of my body parts to make them. The easier curves are just cut up plastic tubs.  The cloth is actually burlap lined with a heavy material that was on sale at the fabric store. The belt I sewed as a tube, it’s more like a belt cover. There’s a real belt inside it that’s hooked in the back.

The mask I designed on my computer and printed out and glued for the basic shape then did a lot of carving with bondo.

Wearing the costume was the best experience ever. I didn’t keep count, but hundreds of people took their pictures with me. I read online 600+ people showed up to the con and nearly every person that came in got their picture with me.

At the end of the convention I took the costume off and walked back through the place once, after being talked about for 6 hours it almost felt weird not having the crowd part for me when I walked through. It was a great experience and I intend to do more.

(some production photos have chainmail in the arm, it was later replaced in favor of a joint). Sorry, the mask was the first thing I made, and I didn’t start taking pictures till a ways into production.