Five days before Halloween I needed to find a costume for my 2 1/2 year old. Grandma and Grandpa, who normally purchase my kids’ costumes were not able to contribute more than $25 between both. I therefore decided to try making a Homemade Dinosaur Costume. I searched online for some ideas and decided to see what I had around the house.

I found the following items:
– a plastic firefighter hat
– a baseball cap washer
– yarn
– a sun visor
– my son’s house slippers
– towels
– cardboard and hot glue.

I purchased Velcro which I would use to put it all together, rather than sew. I also purchased some foam sheets from Dollar Tree.

To form the head, I used the firefighter hat under the baseball cap washer, then used yarn to sew the sun visor upside down (for the tongue) and covered it with an old pink shirt of my daughters.

For the top and bottom jaw, I used thin cardboard (cereal box thickness), covered them both with towel which I hand sewed over them, so they would stay together as a jaw. I left some space to stuff some towel scraps into the actual jaw (like the jaw muscle that puffs out). I cut out circles from flash cards, drew a cat-eye type of eye, colored them with marker and then hot-glued these large, circular, flat, glass pebbles in the center, as the eye balls. The leftover towel hanging in the back, I sewed with a pocket for elastic so it would scrunch around the back of his neck.

To make the body, I laid out a towel, folded it lengthwise and placed a set of my son’s onesie pajamas, also folded lengthwise, right against the edge. I cut about 2″ around it. I then used my towel cut-out to cut the back piece out. I then used the velcro along the sides and the inner leg area, leaving plenty of room at the bottom to hot-glue the front piece to the slippers. I then folded the back piece up, like a hem.

I hand sewed a pocket around the top edge and inserted elastic so that he could just pull the whole body over his shoulder and the elastic would keep it on. I also cut holes in front for his arms to stick through. Then I turned the towel inside out so it looked sewn. Finally, I cut out the spike things for the back out of foam sheet and hot glued them down the back and tail.

I formed the tail like a cone, safety-pinned it, cut it and hand sewed it. I then hand sewed the tail to the body and, as already mentioned, added the spikes with hot glue.

 Dinosaur Costume

 Dinosaur Costume