I choose to be a Homemade Cupcake Costume this year for Halloween. I love how it ended up coming together and was a hit all night.

For the bottom, I bought a small round clothes basket. I started by just cutting the bottom out, but I soon realized it kept poking me. I ended up cutting it all off except the top part. I then took heavy duty poster board and folded it accordion style. I had to use three and then hot glued them together. I used a strip of the poster board and lined it on the top. I then glued the strip right to the clothes basket. I loaded on the hot glue to make it stay.

The top is just batting. I glued the edge to the top of the basket. I ended up pinning the back together. I then pinned it to the shoulder straps to make sure it held. I just fluffed it to look as much as frosting. I then glued on pom pom. The straps are just ribbon that I glued to the edge of the basket.

I wore a white t-shirt, pink tights, boots and a fun pink wig. I loved it! Just try to remember, it’s impossible to bend over or shit down. I ended up ripping the poster board from bending over to pick something up. Hope this is helpful!