This was SUCH a fun costume to make!

I bought the black dress from Urban Planet ($20) and the fake fur trim from Fabric Land at $6/meter. I bought 2 1/2 meters but didn’t use it all. You’d be safe with just 2m. It was pretty thick so I cut it in half to sew the bottom trim on the dress, and then cut it in half AGAIN to sew the upper trim.

I used this same trim to cover a $2 black purse I bought at Talize (thrift store). I used black fabric paint to make spots for a “Dalmatian fur” look (I am not a sewer by any means, but I suggest sewing on the bottom trim WHILE you’re wearing the dress. I noticed that the dress was stretchy but the fur was not, so I could imagine sewing it all on and then it not fitting!! Just a tip).

The wig was bought from DollarMax ($10) and was called a “Ms. Spot” wig, the red belt from Urban Planet ($7) and the red gloves ($10) and cigarette holder ($5) were from the nearest Halloween stores.

Then I threw on my regular black heels and got a pack of cigarettes off someone, which was conveniently stored in the fur purse! Yes, you will need a full pack because if you plan on waving the cigarette holder around like I did then they will constantly break!

Last but not least…the MAKEUP. I followed pretty closely with an AMAZING makeup artist on YouTube named Kandee Johnson. I just did the eyebrows differently for a slightly “sexier” look, and used whatever makeup I had lying around. But I bought the green eye shadow for super cheap from Wal-Mart.

My adorable Dalmatians simply bought white shorts and tank tops and used the black fabric paint to paint on spots. Some just used the typical cat ears, and a couple made their ears with black fabric and a headband. Then they bought red collars and voila! Adorable Dalmatians!