Every year I look forward to coming up with a creative DIY costume and playing it out, but every year it’s hard to get the same excitement from my boyfriend.

This year I decided to chose something simple but creative – Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue ox.

His costume:

I work in a sign shop, so I took a large paper core and covered it with a wood grain like texture for the base of the axe. I used shiny vinyl to mimic the look of metal and covered a hand cut curved top piece for the top of the axe. This life-sized axe was the star of the party, everyone loved it! The rest of his costume was simple – wear a toque, jeans and plaid shirt to look like a lumberjack.

Her costume:

*Think blue* I sprayed my hair blue, wore a blue dress with blue tights, and stuck a tight ring on the center of my nose to complete the bull-look. I made a bell shaped out of coroplast that I wore as a necklace, and hung a small Christmas decoration inside to make it ring when I moved. All I could find for ears was a devil headband, so I sprayed the red horns blue to look like ears.

Overall the costume was a huge success (even for the few people who didn’t know who our characters were). We ended up winning first place in the costume contest at the bar that we were at!