My boyfriend is a huge Jurassic Park fan so we went as Dennis Nedry and the Dilophosaurus that spit on him from the movie. I used a Jack Sparrow pirate hat for the head piece and cut out the center and a little of the sides. I sewed a printed scarf on the head piece and painted it a darker green to be more realistic, topping it off with a little orange and red for color. I used some scraps from the hat to make the additional piece on my head and used a black party favor blowout to replicate the spit.

The rest of the scarf was used as my clothing, which was made into a dress like figure. Dennis Nedry’s costume was made from an old yellow rain coat and we sewed on a Jurassic Park patch onto it. We then added a pillow for stuffing the belly and add a can of shaving cream to hide the “Dino DNA!” His face was painted black to make it look like the dinosaur spit on him.

Everyone LOVED our costumes! We were a hit at every party we went to!