I wasn’t strictly going for accuracy, I wanted to give Columbia my own flare. I found the jacket at Goodwill and altered to fit. The shoes have actually been my favorites for a long time. I don’t remember where I bought them I have had them so long. I got the hat from Party city. I found a costume bow tie and attached gold glitter with glue. I found the unitard at Forever 21 and fishnet stockings from Target.

I paused the movie on her face, studied her make up and changed it as I saw fit. The shorts are stretchy dance shorts. I wore this to a Rocky Horror showing and had the best time! The night started out bad. A lady asked me to remove my hat so she could see better.  Feeling frustrated I chose to stand in the pit rather than sit with a piece of my costume missing. It was a good thing I did because in the pit I was spotted tap dancing and the cast pulled me on stage to join them and I was their new Columbia for the remainder of the show.

I made a lot of new friends that night and had an awesome time. This was a good costume.