I love to make my children costumes every year!
For the Homemade Chucky Unique Halloween Costume Idea, I bought an old pair of overhauls from thrift store, and I painted the different tools shapes on them with puff paint and also wrote “good guys”. I used colorful tapes for the additional stripes needed for the shirt and for the hair I used orange hair spray. The scars are just drawn on with latex covered with a creme based foundation an drawn over with red and black makeup pencils for the hands and face!

I also used a lighter to burn a few holes in the outfit for the damaged look, then I placed safety pins over the different holes in the outfit. We already had an old pair of converse tennis shoes, so I just used a little bit of red spray paint for the blood effect on the front of the shoes. For the finishing finale we made some homemade blood out of Karo syrup a red food coloring and put it in different places all over the costume!

This Chucky costume took about two days and it cost about 9 dollars! Which was well worth it because she won the first place $50.00 dollar prize in the costume contest!