Here is our Chuckie and Bride of Chuckie Couple Costume! The Chuckie costume was purchased, the face was the real DIY part! More on that in a minute.

Bride of Chuckie is just a white dress, leather jacket, and I chose to go with some black  “combat” style boots but I think you can make this work with other shoes (or even a floor length white dress). The makeup and the blonde wig are what really made the costume.

Onto the DIY Chuckie face:

We started with a bald cap since Chuckie ‘s hairline is very receding, we thought that would be the best way to achieve the look. We glued the cap down with spirit gum, then used 7, yes seven!, layers of liquid latex on his face to make the bald cap seamless and also to give his face a  “doll ” look. Using 7 layers of liquid latex also have his scars some depth. Once the latex was all dried, we cut the latex to make the scars. Some of the cuts had to be glued back down with spirit gum.

After that is when all the makeup came into play. We used a light foundation on his entire face, with a little bit of blush on his non-scarred cheek for dimension. Now that his skin was exposed where the latex was cut, we used ridig collodion to make the scars look a bit more lifelike. The cuts were all lined with a dark red lip liner, and blended with a clean brush for a bruised look. We lined the outsides of them with black eye shadow to give them some depth. I used a black liquid liner for the stitches and stage blood to make the cuts look fresh. We also used black eye shadow to give him a black eye and a little bit of red eye shadow to make is other eye look sort of irritated. For the hair we took a cheap blonde wig and cut out bits and pieces and glued them onto the bald cap with spirit gum them sprayed the hair with orange hair color. It was very bright so we went in with a black spray to darken it up a bit.

Bride of Chuckie:

First thing I did was glue my eyebrows to conceal them- then I applied foundation as usual and used a dark brown color to really contour my face into a doll face. I applied very dark powder under my cheek bones, down my nose, on my jawline, and under the apples of my cheeks. I also drew a dark circle on the tip of my nose to give it a very doll-like shape. I applied black eye shadow on my lids all the way up past my natural eyebrows and on the bottom of my eyes as well. I lined my waterline with black eyeliner (though white would have made my eyes appear bigger). I drew very thin eyebrows well above my natural brows with a black gel liner and a thin brush.

For my lips, I used black eyeliner and I extended the shape past my natural lip and really rounded them out to give them the bride of Chuckie shape. I drew a fake beauty mark with a black eyeliner and just kept contouring until I felt like I achieved the perfect look. The wig was just a blonde wig that I purchased online for $20.

We also completed our look with some bloody knives (plastic of course).