My son had a rough October last year. His sister was due to arrive in a matter of weeks, he was going through a horrible experience with some unkind daycare workers and he was sick all the time. There were many life changes coming his way with the arrival of his baby sister and he was having a rough time. Halloween is a big deal at our house. My husband and I are both theater teachers and Love coming up with creative handmade costumes. My son’s birthday is also near Halloween so it’s a very big deal.

Well, last year (2011), we decided that he would be an Oopma Loompa. It is mommy’s favorite movie and he had just seen a production that mommy directed, so he knew the songs. The idea was that mom would be Violet the Blueberry (utilizing the 9 month pregnant belly) and dad would be Willy Wonka. Because of all the stress of that October, the Oompa Loompa was the only costume that was built. However, the day after my son’s 3rd birthday, we had to have his tonsils and adenoids taken out and tubes put in his ears. He was not allowed to eat candy, jump or run around for 2 weeks, which meant no birthday party and no trick or treating. On Halloween, he was having a particularly sick day and didn’t get to to anything. so, we pretty much just put on the costume and took pics. Poor baby. He is missing the orange circles on his cheeks but this is the basic costume. Excuse the sick look on the poor little guy’s face.

Halloween 2011