My son Owen had an obsession with letters and fonts. And he was never too into Halloween. This Homemade Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Costume is the first costume he ever requested and wore voluntarily. The childrens book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom was in heavy rotation at the time, and he asked if he could be the coconut tree. Well, okay.

I figured overalls would be the best bet, as opposed to brown shirt and brown pants, and as he was opposed to headgear of any kind, we could make a long sleeved green shirt work as the leaves. I realize it’s not all technically homemade, but gathering the brown overalls and green tshirt took some legwork. I would still need to make and apply all of the letters of the alphabet.

And that was the best part. We had to have the font just right, and the colors needed to be the same as the book. We did the best we could. The letters were ironed on with Stich Whitchery, or some other double-sided iron on fabric adhesive. I can’t remember what we used, exactly.

I made the decision to apply them on the front side only, to avoid the possibility of losing any letters when he sat down.

The children’s librarian loved his costume, even though most people didn’t “get” it. She keeps a picture of Owen in her office at our local library.