Costume Created by Brittany

I got this homemade censored costume idea from this website actually. The day of our costume party I went to Walmart and bought black thick cardboard for maybe $1.

Then I bought white craft paint and an inch long sponge brush to paint the words on. It look me 10 minutes tops and then a couple hours for the paint to dry. I also bought Velcro which I put one half on the nude strapless bra I had on, and the other on the back side of my sign.

My friends thought it would look even better without a shirt on, but still my strapless bra that could only be seen from the back. I wore a denim mini and flips flops. I was known as “Censored Girl” all night and everyone wanted their picture taken with me! I loved the idea and am very thankful for those that put it on here. Thank you!