My oldest daughter wanted to be Celia from Monster’s inc. so I decided that I would crochet the Homemade Celia from Monster’s Inc. Costume. I started this in September to give myself enough time. I did not have a pattern to work from so I knew that I would have some issues along the way.

I started with her hair. Celia’s hair is made up of 5 purple rattlesnakes. I started making the snakes but after two of them I realized I was making them much too small because the back of Celia’s hair is made up of coils of the snakes. I had to make the last three snakes really long to compensate for the shorter ones and I had to make two tails for the first two snakes because for every head you see there is also a tail showing somewhere on the other side. I still had to add a bunch of rows to the back so that we wouldn’t see her hair.

Since I thought that it was going to be cold out I made her a sweater dress. If I had known that it was going to be in the 70’s I would have made a tank dress instead. Since my daughter is so thin I had to cinch it in quite a bit in the back. Celia has at least 4 tentacles for legs. I didn’t want to ruin the leggings so my mom had the idea for her to put on leg in each pair and stuff the other two legs. I then took two hair bands and I gathered some of both leggings in the front and put the hair band around it to keep it together and I did the same in the back.

I had to paint Taylor’s face pink and then I painted a green eye on her face. I wish that we had more time, but by the time I got to that part we were really running late. She loved it. If your little girl decides to be Celia get used to people calling her Medusa.