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Coolest Homemade Cat in the Hat Family Costume Idea 26

by Trish
(Sarasota, FL)

Homemade Cat in the Hat Family Costume Idea

Homemade Cat in the Hat Family Costume Idea

Homemade Cat in the Hat Family Costume Idea
Homemade Cat in the Hat Family Costume Idea

It took a few weeks, but we finally decided on a “Cat in the Hat” family theme for Halloween 2010.
I bought a goldfish costume ($12) for my 6-month-old. My 2- and 3-year-old boys went as Thing 1 and Thing 2 (very fitting!). I bought red long-sleeved tees and sweat from Wal-mart ($14 total), 2 sheets of white sticky felt and a black fabric marker from Michael’s. I found a stencil set that contained some funky-looking letters at the Dollar Tree.

I used a #2 stencil from a set I already owned, and I free-handed the #1 to match. I practiced first a paper and came up with a 6.5” circle (using a good ol’ fashioned compass to trace on the back of the sticky felt). The blue hair spray cost $2 and seemed like the obvious choice after encountering difficulty finding suitable blue boas or wigs at a reasonable cost. I teased my boys’ hair first using regular hair spray, then sprayed on the blue stuff.

I originally purchased a “Cat in the Hat” costume for my husband ($33), but it ended up being uncomfortable, small (shoulder-crotch distance just didn’t work, and it looked cheap, the tail was little more than a string). I had him purchase a long-sleeved black t-shirt from Wal-mart ($7). He used some workout pants, socks and shoes he already owned. I found some white fuzzy fur/fabric from a previous art project in my craft supplies, so I cut it into an oval about as large as I could with the scrap I had for the cat’s belly. I safety-pinned it onto the shirt.

We ran out last minute to a Halloween shop and found a black cat’s tail ($5), a licensed “Cat in the Hat” hat ($7) and bow ($5) and white gloves ($3).

I bought some white face paint ($2) and was planning on using some eyeliner I had to draw whiskers on my husband, but decided against any face paint.

All-together: the goldfish cost $12, Thing 1 & Thing 2 cost $11 each, and the Cat in the Hat cost $27 for a grand total of $61.

We received many positive comments for our Homemade Cat in the Hat Family Costume Idea while we were out-and-about. My biggest regrets are 1) I couldn’t figure out what to dress up as to join the Cat in the Hat crew - I tried to fashion a “Sally” (the girl from “The Cat in the Hat”) but it just didn’t look right, and 2) We didn’t get more chances to show off the outfits!
Added bonus: the Thing 1 & Thing 2 labels pull right off, and the cat's white belly was only safety-pinned on, so all clothes can be re-used.

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