I am a severe procrastinator. When I made my costume, I didn’t receive my supplies until a week before the Halloween party I needed to wear it to. To prevent myself from wanting to eat a bullet by the end of the week, I worked smarter. By smarter I mean I didn’t try to sew my own corset, so I bought one instead.

For this homemade burlesque peacock costume idea I started with a black corset (could not find the blue or green color I wanted). Since I only had a week I couldn’t wait for one to be shipped. I decided to go with a dark green and black color scheme. I attached green ribbon to the top and bottom of the corset, and I tied a green bow around my waist. The bow around my waist was decorated only because I thought there was too much black.

For the skirt I used another green ribbon and black and green tulle. The skirt was really a tutu that I Googled how to make. I made it by tying the pieces of tulle around the ribbon.
For accessories I had stockings and heels, nothing special, very basic.

Now the part you are actually interested in, the feather fan. To make it pretty from both sides I double-sided the fan. Starting with a cardboard semicircle and a ton of hot glue I arrange the feathers in the rows and then glued them down. It was not as complicated as I thought it would be.

For the attachment I knew I needed to make it removable since the party was 45 minutes away. To attach I used the black plastic buckle type belt clips. I don’t know the technical name, but the best way I can describe it as the black belt clasp used for fanny packs. I attached one piece to the fan and one piece to me. That way I could clip it in and out when I needed to. To attach the other piece to me I glued it to a green piece of felt and put that inside my corset where it would stick out through the laces.