This homemade bunch of grapes Halloween costume is the easiest and the cheapest costume I have ever made! The best part is it only took about half an hour to put it all together.

The shopping list is one purple long sleeve shirt, 50 purple balloons, one pack of safety pins, 2 sheets of green felt, one hair beret and a paper towel roll.

First I started with the challenging part, coming up with enough hot air to blow up the balloons; I found it was easier to have my daughter put the shirt on to attach the balloons, I ran the safety pin through the bottom half of the tied part of the balloon then attached them to her shirt starting at the top. After attaching about 10 balloons at a time I would stop and look for bare spots to fill in.

Once this was completed it was time to make the stem. I cut two large leaves out of green felt and hot glued them to a hair beret. Then I took the paper towel roll and cut it about 3 inches long at an angel and used markers to decorate it. Once decorated I hot glued it to the felt leaves and VIOLA one perfect Halloween costume!