My son loves Pokemon. One of his favorite Pokemon characters is Blastoise. In the past, I have had a real difficult time finding a high quality, affordable costume that will comfortably fit my son’s body type. Therefore, this year I decided to get creative and home make his Halloween costume for 2010. I recommend this Blastoise Pokemon Card Costume idea for mom’s with chubbier sons who don’t fit so well into the slimmer Spiderman and Iron Man type costumes.

MATERIALS: The cards are made out of white foam board and measure 28″x20″ each. This project took me well over 30 hours to complete. In addition to the foam board, I used tempura paints, colored pencils, crayons, permanent markers and water colors to color. The other supplies that I used were a hot glue gun, Elmer’s liquid glue, several glue sticks, a white Styrofoam ball, black liquid leading, clear packing tape, black and blue construction paper, white poster board, a ruler, pencils, scissors, foam brushes, paint brushes, an exacto knife, a Cutco knife, white copy paper and lamination.

THE BACK OF THE CARD: I began with the back of the card first. The first thing I did was line a ruler around all four edges of the card. I then rounded off the edges before painting it blue. Once the edges were lined with blue, I added white to the blue I was using so that I could get the lighter shade that is the background color. I then painted the background with it. While those two colors were drying, I started to sketch the “Pokemon” word logo. Once that was done I used permanent markers to color them in. I then cut them out, ready to be pasted on the board, after I had added the white swirl. I chose to use the Styrofoam ball to give the costume depth, so that it would be a little more engaging. After cutting the ball in half, I carved the poke ball image in it and painted it as well. I lined the edges of it with black liquid leading for texture. The ball was then hot glued onto the center after I placed the lamination over the card. I tried using Styrofoam glue for this at first, but it did not work at all, so I do not recommend using it. Finally, I lined the back of the card with blue construction paper.

THE FRONT OF THE CARD: The edges were created in the same fashion as on the back of the card, except the boarder color was done in gold. The background color was created with water colors, to achieve the watery effect that is on an actual Pokemon card. All of the writing was done freehand and with permanent markers, as were any of the images or symbols. The little Wartortole and Blastoise were colored with permanent markers and glued on last, after the rest of the card was completed.This side too was covered with lamination. The back of this card was covered with black construction paper. This side, as does the back side is nearly an exact replica of an actual Pokemon card as it has every single bit of imagery possible. I didn’t want to leave anything out!

PUTTING THEM TOGETHER. After both sides of the card were completely done, it was now time to secure them together to achieve the sandwich board effect. To do this, I went to Savers, a local thrift store, and found a used, small, High School Musical backpack. I cut off the straps, and hot glued them to the backside of each card. The cool thing about using the backpack strap is that they are adjustable. Now, anyone of any size or height can wear the costume and adjust it to their liking. After all the hard work, it was sooo nice to see the finished product.