I found this awesome black feather wings for about $12 at a gay pride store and then decided I was definitely going to be Natalie Portman from Black Swan (my name’s also Natalie so it fit). I bought the tu-tu at a Halloween store, white tights from Target, black ballet flats from Target, and secured the skirt with a black stretchy belt I’ve had for forever. I bought a feathered mask from a store for about $10 but my roommate did such a beautiful make-up job that I ended up wearing the mask on my head all night. My hair was pulled back into a ballerina bun and hairsprayed.

Most people knew exactly who I was but some were confused and were calling me “dark angel”…whatever. Overall, I got a lot compliments and it was really fun to be someone who was elegant, but dark and scary. Definitely one of my favorite costumes!