For this year I decided to be the Black Knight from that hit classic Monty Python and the Holy Grail. My Homemade Black Knight Unique Halloween Costume Idea consisted of chainmaille sleeves and neck piece, a helmet, a tunic and tights. The chainmaille I made entirely out of soda can tabs that I had been collecting all year. I had to pre bend and cut each tab so that they could be woven together. This by far was the most time consuming part of the costume. If anyone is going to try and make chainmaille out of soda tabs I suggest having a roll of duct tape on hand as it helps keep the tabs together for transport and such.

The helmet I made out of a garbage can. I used a razor blade to cut out the eye slit and the air vents and used hot glue to give it texture (little bumps). The garbage can was originally white so I gave it a silver base coat and then lightly sprayed black paint on it from a distance to just give it a rustic iron look (I also used this technique on the chainmaille for the same effect).

The tunic and leggings were made out of scraps of my mom’s fabric that I found in my garage. I used a pants pattern for the leggings; however, the tunic I made up as I went along. I traced a drawing of the logo onto a red piece of fabric and cut it out. I attached it to the tunic using “switch witchery” which was a huge time saver (I would definitely recommend it).

My costume is completely homemade and cost me $8 to make (the eight dollars was for paint and the garbage can only because I don’t think I could have put up with the smell of a used one!). It was not a huge feat to create. Once you get the hang of it the chainmaille can be made fairly quickly, the only problem is trying to keep it aligned while sizing it and trying it on (this is where the duct tape comes in).

All in all this Homemade Black Knight Unique Halloween Costume Idea was fun to make and even more fun to show off.