Every year my son and I agree on a costume design. After agreeing, we begin to gather items from second hand stores. Last year (2012) we decided to build our version of a Bouncer – a character from the video game Bioshock. The boots are an old pair of children ski boots ($5). The breast of the character is created from packaging material such as: foam frames $0 (from work), air filled plastic shipping material $0 (Amazon), newspaper/mache, paint, flour, water, glue, cone Styrofoam (Michaels) $19.

Accessories used aluminum coffee maker, decorative syringe for icing, tap light, metal chains – womens belts (thrift-store) $27, apartment-style washer hose $0, Halloween candy cauldron (Walmart) $6. We stopped by Home Depot for the drill and the dryer heat ducts to make the arms $33. I used the stem and filter from the coffee maker to create the screw like drill and attached a 7.5 volt drill from Home depot. The coffee maker canister was used to make the oxygen tank on the back of the costume. The coolest find was the cake icing syringe (.50).

The result is in the 30 second clip below. I have pictures which I’m willing to post, should anyone be interested.