My niece and her friends decided to all dress as Disney princesses. She asked me to make her a Belle Costume from Beauty and the Beast. My favorite way to make costumes is to deconstruct thrift store items and make them into something new.

This dress was made from; a yellow bridesmaids dress (Bodice and swag on skirt), a child’s Belle dress (I used the overskirt and discarded the rest), a pink corset (you can’t see it because I covered the whole thing with fabric from the bridesmaids dress), a long yellow satin skirt and a brides petticoat.

I actually constructed the whole thing by hand without using a sewing machine. The beading on the bodice is cut from another old bridesmaid’s dress and used mostly to cover the hand sewn seams. I also only had a chance to fit on my niece twice; once before I started and at the end to see if I needed to take anything in. Other that hemming it, it fit perfectly.