I always love the movie. My husband I think can say the entire movie without watching it. So that’s why he wanted to go as Beetlejuice. I didn’t want to be Lydia, so I thought the receptionist was cute.

I started looking at pictures of her online, and watching the movie to try to get as close to them as possible. I started with the paint. At all the Halloween stores they just had green paint that looked too dark, I found she kinda had a glow. I bought blue, lime green,and white Halloween face paint total of $6.00. I noticed that it didn’t dry too well so I had some craft paint. I mixed the Halloween face paint, to use on the face, and mixed the craft paint to match. I painted from my neck down with the craft paint.

I bought an orange wig from Wal-mart, it wasn’t the same as hers but it was a little more up to date style. I bought a red satin dress and pinned a purple feather boa to the bottom of it. The cape was another hard project. I bought 20 gauge wire from hobby lobby and red fabric with sequins. I made tear drop shapes in different sizes, then hot glued the fabric to the wire. I hot glued the tear shapes together to make the collar. I then safety pinned and kinda spot sewed it to the rest of the fabric. I took a picture of her and tried to match her makeup.

As for as BeetleJuice we bought the wig for $14.00. We bought a black and white plaid shirt from Wal-mart. We also bought some batting to make a pot belly. White, green, brown, face paint and fake face hair, total about $15.00.

We looked pretty good on our Homemade Beetlejuice and Miss Argentina Halloween Costumes. Everyone wanted to take our picture. Had a blast. Best costume we ever did, next year will be hard to do better.