I found some ideas for these homemade BeetleJuice and Lydia costumes on this website! This is how I made it:

The homemade Lydia costume – I found a wedding dress at the thrift store ($8). There was at train on the dress so I cut that off. Then I added the lace from the train to the top of the dress around the bust area and one row around the bottom of the dress. I also had opened up the sides, under the armpit and added fabric (from an old red t-shirt) because it was too tight. A sloppy job but no one even saw it until I said something and lifted my arm.

To make it red I spray painted it (careful around flames!). Surprisingly, it did not smell like spray paint. I let it hang in the garage for a couple of days before wearing it. There is also a dye that can be used but I didn’t think the lace would take up the red, so I just went with the paint. It was stiff but not that bad.

I found the red shoes at the thrift store ($1) and the flowers from Walmart ($1). I used red tooling for the veil and using red thread I made a gathering so I could pin it to the wig. I styled the wig by cutting bangs and using bobby pins to look like Lydia’s hair. I used white face paint and lots of eyeliner. I also used dark eyeshadow for the dark circles.

The homemade BeetleJuice costume – I did find a George Washington wig, but I tried this cheaper way first, which worked great. The wig was definitely a one one time use. Wig: found one at the dollar store (orange). It was small, just tight enough to stay on his head. Hanging the wig upside down, I spray painted this wig with black and white. The paint helped the hair to stick up.

I used white face paint and added a couple drops of green food coloring to create the green on the head at the hairline and down the side of the face and neck. Then I added on a little dark eyeshadow on the face to give it that nice rotted look.

The shirt: I found a woman’s shirt with a ruffle style. I cut off the sleeves so he could move! And then I sewed the cuffs onto the jacket. Found the burgundy/maroon jacket at the thrift store (womens). The tie was a pre-made bow (ribbon), found in the sewing section. I pinned that to the shirt right by the top button. I could not find the pants so he just wore a pair of his own dark blue dress pants.

For a total of under $30, it was pretty impressive, and I was so lucky to find what I did at the thrift store. I had to go to 3 or 4 different ones, but it was worth it!