This Homemade Beauty and the Beast Costume was created for community theater’s Beauty and the Beast but makes a great Halloween costume as well, in this picture is my cousin and his girl friend who borrowed them for a party.

The Beauty costume was a gold dress found at a thrift store and the gloves, rose and crown were added. On the other hand the beast costume took a lot of work and my whole families talents to make it.

We bought rubber dog mask from a Halloween store. I cut of the ears and painted them white and then re-glued them to the mask upside down to look like horns. I took a small piece of leather and crinkled it with glue and after it dried I attached it to the nose and painted the entire make so it would blend in and look like a winkled beast nose. Lastly we added small tusks made of Styrofoam. The hair was made up of 6 hair pieces (3 black, and 3 brown), all attached by being woven in and out of small holes all around the edges of the rubber mask. My sister, who is a hair dresser, styled the hair by teasing it and matting, curling and breading it into a beard. This took a fair amount of time but wasn’t too difficult. It works best when working with wigs to pick up a Styrofoam head form and pin the wig to it so it doesn’t move around while you work with it. We attach our head form to a standing candle holder so it is the right height to sit down and work on it.

The gloves I made by taking an old pair of black winter gloves and I glued some patches of black fake fur to them. I cut up a dust mask into long finger nails and painted them with brown paint to make them look dirty and beastly and then glued them to the finger tips of the gloves. For an extra effect I even glued some left over leather to the palms of the gloves to look like animal paws.

The costume it self was not too complicated, the pants were gold pants with black fabric sewn from the knee down so if worn with black shoes it looks like boots. We already owned a red corduroy coat that has a sort of medieval look to it (I don’t know where we got it, maybe a thrift store) Lastly the cape was part of a marching band uniform found at a thrift store (it was green and gold) but my mom covered it in gold fabric and trimmed it with a gold and burgundy trim, and then attached a piece of Velcro to the shoulder so it wouldn’t slide off.

This was not in anyway trying to resemble the Disney Beast, more just a story book version and I think it is highly successful. Hair pieces are about $10 each so the costumes were around $200 together, but so many people have worn them they are worth every penny!