My friends and I decided to do group homemade Batman Villians costumes. What we ended up with turned out really well. We decided to go vintage with the costumes for a more fun and authentic look.

The boys costumes all originate from thrift store suits. The Penguins was the easiest. A tux with blue top hat, bow tie, and long cigarette holder.

The Riddler is a green suit with cut out felt question marks hot glued over the entire jacket. Pair that with a black dress shirt, green tie, cane, and black bowler hat with felt question mark and you’re set.

The Joker is a maroon-ish suit, with cumber bum, green dress shirt and purple tie. Finish that off with some green hairspray, white face paint and of course some ladies red lipstick and you’re done.

Cat woman has a black tube top, black leggings with chalk drawn on as stitch marks, black boots, fury gloves and cat ears.

Batman was a store bought costume.

I made Poison Ivy. I went to the dollar store and bought a bunch of fake leaf bouquets. I took off all the hard plastic stems and veins until I just had the leaf. I used a cotton black dress and with my mom’s help hot glued all leaves on the dress. I suggest gluing with the dress on so it’s stretched to fit your body, otherwise you may glue them all on and then have the dress not fit.

I wore green tights, and although you cannot see them I had black heels with the same leaves on the shoe. I made the sleeves with green satin material and then finished the look with big curls in the hair, lots of glitter and green eye makeup (this costume could also double as an Eve costume from Adam and Eve. I got that from some people when I wasn’t with my friends).

We had a blast doing this and got a really great response from our group homemade Batman villians costumes.