We’re a group of five German guys who’ve always liked to come up with costume-themes all five of us can form part of. Today we’d like to present our Homemade Batman Cast Group Costume. Obviously the Batman, Joker and Robin costumes were bought, simply because they’re well made and it wouldn’t have been that easy to make such good ones on our own. But still we needed two more characters. That’s why we added the penguin and the riddler and made those costumes.

We oriented ourselves on the old Batman characters (the TV series). That’s why our joker isn’t much the heath ledger kind of joker, but a more original one. For the penguin we decided to make him look like a real penguin instead of just putting him in a suit. For those who aren’t that familiar with the TV series, he would have looked like a regular guy with a large nose and a cigarette holder.

The Riddler is wearing a green fleece suit with purple question marks which are also made out of fleece. His staff is also self made, mainly out of an old chairs armrest.

Hope you like them!